The Garage Door

Fiberglass. Garage doors of fiberglass are much lighter than wood or steel models and therefore are easier to lift. Available in several permanent colors, they require no painting and are virtually maintenance-free. They clean with a hosing, and they stay in balance since they neither absorb nor lose moisture like wood. The fiberglass is translucent, too, letting in outside light to provide a soft pleasant glow, much like a giant skylight.

Aluminum. Aluminum garage doors are lightweight, but are ruggedly durable. While most are factory-finished in white, some are available that can be painted any color you desire. Aluminum doors are made in both one-piece and sectional styles.

Steel. Made of corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel, these doors are unusually durable under all weather conditions. For strength and maximum garage door security, steel is hard to beat. They can be painted to match or complement your home exterior. Overhead steel doors are usually available in only the one-piece style

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  1. I love my coop! Functional, adorable, green & unique! I am so happy!

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