Standart Garage Door Sizes

Door sizes. Standard stock size doors are usually available in widths from 8 to 18 feet and in heights of 6 feet, 6 inches and 7 feet. When planning a door opening, make it as wide as possible. A wider opening not only gives you freer movement of your vehicle in and out of the garage, but also permits you to move other items in and out without the danger of scratching your car. Typical stock sizes for most garage door manufacturers are as follows:

Singe and two car garages sizes

Most manufacturers will make custom-size garage doors to fit special openings, but these doors are quite expensive. It usually pays to frame out the opening to a stock size, if at all possible.

While measuring for a new garage door or a replacement for an old one, be sure to check the inside headroom. A specific minimum distance between the overhead structure in the garage and the top of the door must be provided for the hardware, counterbalancing mechanisms, and the door itself when in an open position. While, for example, most stock roll-up door hardware requires headroom of at least 10 inches for single-car doors and 12 inches for two-car doors, special low-headroom designs are available that reduce the space needed to about 6 inches. Therefore, before purchasing any garage door, be sure to check the manufacturer’s specifications for the needed headroom, as well as necessary sideroom—the space from the side of the door opening to the wall.

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  1. Great info thanks. I was wondering why 8′ high garage doors are not considered standard especially with all the taller suv’s been built.

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