Outdoor Fireplace: Five Tips on How to Determine What Works For You?

Various type of outdoor fireplace can now be seen in many places. These structures provide a sophisticated highlight to our homes, making it a decorative piece as well. This type of fireplace allows us to create fire safely outside our very own houses, there are however rules governing the use of it depending on your country. Outdoor fireplace functions both to provide warmth in our surroundings and also works more popularly for cooking outdoors.

Choosing the kind of outdoor fireplace to suit your need is vital. Just like any other additions we create for our homes, we need to carefully look at some factors even before we jump into having one.

1.         Design

You will be impressed to find out how many different designs you can choose from for your outdoor fireplace. The use of stones, clay, concrete or bricks, even steel each creates some unique impact on its own. Concrete is frequently used due to its flexibility and its natural capacity to withstand heat. A variety of shapes are also available as chimney-like or pit-like. The architectural possibilities are endless and making a choice is as confusing as it gets.

2.         Fuel

Of all, the most widely used is gas. This type is most popular because of its ease in terms of use. A considerable amount of gas in our tanks will allow it to function without problem. Propane and wood/coal are also other choices. While wood is a traditional choice, it’s laborious and storage space is an issue, environmentalist would also agree that there are other better choices available for use. Electrically operated fireplaces are the least popular because of costing issues.

3.         Budget Issues

How much we want to spend on this kind of structure is another key consideration. Building a house to include an outdoor fireplace not only occupies additional space but would also entail additional materials. Clay is the cheapest material used but cracking is a problem and so care is needed against strong force. There are of course more expensive materials that can be used which can prove to be sturdier. The type of fuel to be used is also a budget consideration.

4.         Safety

Of all our concerns, safety is of utmost importance. While many fail to look more onto this, this factor is critical and could be life-saving. The danger of fire is almost always present and to avoid this, presence of safety features for our outdoor fireplace is a must. Injury may result from flying ember especially on the use of wood as fuel. Suffocation from too much smoke is also not very uncommon. As it is for all gas-operated equipment, risk for leak that may result to fire should also be given attention to. Automatic shut off valves provide adequate safety for its users.

5.         Size and Placement

The size of your outdoor fireplace matters too. Mostly that depends on the available space of your land, your budget and most often too, the number of members in your household. Where we want to put this outdoor fireplace is another thing. Do we want to put it in our backyards where we can gather around during the night for a little get together, or near the patio from where we can sit while watching our neighbors?

There are numerous considerations in choosing our outdoor fireplace and in this diversity; we have to pick one that will perfectly fit our needs.

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