Maintaining a Wooden Garage

Your wooden garage is an important part of your house or property. Whether it’s where you mastermind all of your projects, store your beloved car, host exciting garage parties, or rent it out to somebody else, you need to maintain it to ensure its longevity. Just as it is easy enough to construct a wooden garage yourself, it is just as easy to maintain it yourself with a few simple tools and a few easy to get hold of paints.

Firstly, you need to preserve the wood on the outside. By regularly painting your garage’s exterior walls with a wood stain, paint or varnish, you are protecting it against the natural elements. External wooden buildings such as garages and sheds can fall victim to UV rays, wet weather and fungal growths within the wood itself. All of these elements weaken the wood and without care and preservation will quickly reduce its lifespan. When choosing a wood preserve you will want to decide on the color of your wood. If you choose to have a color, then it will typically need painting every two years to stop it fading. Use a color varnish, which exists in a wide range of colors, stains and wood treatments.

Maintaining and caring for your garage doors will make all the difference to your wooden garage. If you have wooden doors, they will need the same wood preservative treatment as the outer surfaces of your shed. It is not just the wood that needs preserving though, but any metal supports such as hinges will need regular protection from rust, as inadequate support for a wooden garage door will lead it to crack and eventually break. If a wooden door is too much work, then you can get a faux wooden door, which will be lighter and easier to maintain whilst still having all of the aesthetically pleasing qualities of a real wooden logs.

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