Building A Detached Garage

In recent years, there has been a tendency toward having a garage separate from the house—and there are plenty of good reasons. A separate garage, because of its flexibility’ and its location on your property, can be used to fulfill many more functions than a structure attached to a house. Many of these will come to light as you study the garage designs given in this chapter. But before yon start the actual building of a detached garage, here are three points to keep in mind:

1. Check your local building requirements. Check with your local building official to find out about any special code regulations or restrictions in your area. Sometimes there are height limits or property line set back restrictions to be considered. Also, make sure an additional separate building is allowed. And check your property lines. Precautions like these may save you a costly-rebuilding job later.

2. Match the style to your home. Your garage should ideally be of the same architectural style as your home. But if your home isn’t a definite type of architecture, select a garage design that suits your own taste. Also, while it is usually best, wherever possible, to pick finish roof and siding materials similar to those on your house, this isn’t a hard and fast rule. Frequently, it’s possible to select materials that will complement your home. For instance, a brick colonial house with white trim can very well be complemented by a white frame garage.

3. Make sure the garage is big enough. List the ways you’ll be using у our garage (remember you may be using it as a patio or a sheltered play area for the children), then see where it will be most convenient. Also plan for your storage needs—power mower, sports equipment, barbecue supplies, garden tools, etc. It is important to think of your future needs. You may want to add a breezeway, patio, or flower bed later. Additional inside space is handy for workbenches, cabinets, or closets.

4. Plan the best location on your property. Careful planning will be necessary so that the driveway will be wide and straight enough to permit easy entrance to and exit from the garage. The garage site should be as level as possible and located where you can build the structure with a minimum amount of disturbance.

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