Boat shelter with patio wings

A place to keep your boat under cover the year around, a patio for outdoor living, and a place for rainy-day repairs— all are combined in a structure that economically makes use of one wall of your garage. Its outer wall consists of two hinged panels that roll on casters to screen the patio area when you want extra privacy.

Front view of the boat shelter with patio wings. It may be attached to either a single- car garage or a double-car garage.

To begin the project, excavate for a slab foundation and set in treated 2-by-4s to create an interesting pattern of squares and allow for expansion. Fasten 4-by-6-ineh posts to the existing building as in the plan view. Set up 6-by-6-inch posts with 2-by-6-inch plates on top and build out a roof exten¬sion. Cover it with roofing to match that on the main building.

Close the rear wall with vertical siding. Make the hinged wall sections of siding, framed with 2-by-4s. with quarter-round moldings in the corners. The hinged sections should also be covered with siding. A swing-up door may be added to the front for complete protection.


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