Boat annex to the garage

With this addition, you can back your boat right into a tandem garage annex and still have room for your car. The boat will have weather protection, work can be done on it under shelter, and there is room for motors and other extras. The swept-wing roof gives the addition a nautical air. Windows admit daylight, and a side door affords access to the boat without going through the garage.

The extension shelter is added to the back of your free-standing garage in the same fashion as when adding a garage to a house (see Chapter 3). Start the job by removing the studs and siding from the back of the garage. Pour a 17- foot (or longer) concrete slab extension of the garage floor, with suitable foot­ings. Cut back the roof gable so that you can bolt 4-by-4-inch posts to the corners, and set similar posts on 4-foot centers for the three walls, adding horizontal nailers if you intend to use vertical siding. Fixed glass panes may be set into a few of the spaces between the horizontal frame members at the sides and back, if desired.

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