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Wooden Garages Introduction

Garage – a place for your favorite car and a place where every car owner feels like at home, it is his personal territory. But we rarely think about it, before we buy a car, that just need to build a garage and he definitely will not be empty, it will be possible to rent out, you can use it as a warehouse, workshop and a lot of options.

Wooden garages – construction technology

If you want to build a wooden garage – it will take much less time and efforts than for garages in other materials. Despite the fact that the wooden garages may look a little more modest then brick garages in terms of fire safety, but the wood and wood modular  garages have their own strengths. Their main qualities are that wooden garages are really cheap, comparing with garages of other materials, and with good wood processing, biological protection and waterproofing, wooden garages are very durable. You can build this garage, by yourself , even without  having skills of a professional builder . Dimensions of the garage should be about 6 × 3.5m. In the garage of this size, you can freely put any car, any time you can quickly and easily park your car. Floor in the wooden garages should be concrete or brick, it must be somewhere in the twenty centimeters above ground level. With this design rainwater can not flow into the garage. Provide ventilation in the garage and even with good ventilation, always try to park the car in front to the back wall of the garage. A result of this winter, when you warm up the car exhausts will not be collected in the garage.

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Wooden Garage Door

Doors are really important thing in your garage. Garage for the car is shelter from the hijackers and the vagaries of weather. It is necessary to take care of a safe and sturdy “home front” – the garage door. But if wooden garage multifunctional (with the project cellar, warehouse, repair shop), you should remember about better way to exit/enter into the room. Naturally we speak about wooden garage doors. Safety and comfort of your car depends on their performance and quality. Wooden garage door must meet a number of such requests:

  • Attack-resistant properties. This is especially important if the facility is located far away from home and without proper protection.
  • Long lifetime at hard mode operation. Most drivers enjoyed a garage every day, so the garage door must stand with dignity is not always gentle “behavior” of car owners.
  • The optimum size of a garage door for free entry / exit the garage owner. Standard dimensions of the aperture 2 m × 80 cm (height / width). Some drivers prefer to reduce these parameters are strictly under its own growth.
  • Effective protection from wind, rain and snow. Doors for garages should completely isolate the machine from the negative impact of rainfall. They can not be gaps, and the canvas tight to the garage.

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